Yellow Dog Eats with Paige Keiner

Had a great night playing with  the Paige Keiner Band last Friday night out on the Yellow Dog back porch.  Mike, Rene and Ellis can really bring it.  If you haven’t heard us do  the “Throne”  EP songs live, and “Superstition” and “Uptown Funk , and our up tempo version of “Lights,”  come and check us out.  It’s fun stuff.    We all thought the heavens  were going to throw a terrible storm down upon us, but no!  It didn’t happen,  and  we  had nice evening weather.  Major thanks to all our intrepid friends who came out.  I  hope to  be playing some of the hot spots in South Florida for the next month and will post our shows.  I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.  You guys are the best!     ..Paige